Wear a silver necklace with a style

With a bonus guide to buying a wholesale silver necklace

It’s decided you’ll wear a chain! No doubt influenced by the Johnny Depp, you want to enhance your wardrobe with a touch of brilliance silver necklace. However, how to wear your silver necklace by combining trend and authenticity? Here are some tips for your necklace to emphasize your personality and to be in tune with the different contexts of your everyday life.

Before we go through with the rest of the article, it should be noted that buying wholesale silver necklace directly from the manufacturer is going to give you better prices. I recommend reading to the end because I’m going to tell you where is the best place to buy a wholesale silver necklace.


The soul of choosing your necklace

Unlike the garment, the jewel is an accessory. So it’s up to you to give your channel a role, if not importance, in affirming your personality. This channel will confirm your look, your power of seduction, your discreet charm, or your aesthetic flair. The materials, metals, textures, colors, patterns of jewelry all contribute to the definition of your style. Marcasite Silver Jewelry Wholesale

For a casual look, opt for a mid-length necklace in silver or leather. Add a pendant that will be noticed by its obsolete appearance, like a vintage key or an old coin. This chain is great for a bright, solid color t-shirt and a casual pair of jeans.

Do you assume a bold style? Choose a medium-chain steel or silver chain. If your business context allows jewelry, you can wear your chain over your shirt. On the other hand, if you are in seduction mode, keep your steel or silver chain behind the sides of a beautiful white shirt or with pale tints and whose collar will remain open.

Steel, white gold, and silver necklace enhance chic styles. However, refinement requires fine meshes. The classy man’s necklace is mid-length and is worn under the shirt with the collar open. For a summer cocktail, your chic outfit will be completely pale. For New Year’s Eve, your chain will shine brightly under clothing with more assertive colors.Skin, metal, fabric: reflective material


The art of wearing a necklace

It is essential to take into account your skin tone when you decide to wear a chain. The yellow gold shines on the matt and olive skin. However, if you have light or ashen skin, silver, platinum, and white gold will be better.

Do you like all these materials and want to wear them all at the same time? That is done! With layering, that is, overlay, you can show your taste for diversity. In addition to the different materials, you have different strings in their lengths, textures, patterns, colors, and metals. Carrying several chains at the same time can bring many memories and experiences that you want to expose to others. Note that your dress must be sober to leave room for necklaces.

Same thing for large and colorful necklaces: dress in neutral and straightforward fabrics to counterbalance the jewelry set.

Finally, remember that consistency is the most important word when buying a man channel. Your jewelry must be related to your lifestyle, your budget, and your personality.

Buying wholesale silver necklace from a trusted vendor

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