I’ve lost the jewel on my favorite necklace, now what?

A wholesale silver necklace vendor’s guide to fixing your necklaces

How many necklace can a girl wear throughout her life? Moreover, wow many of them will they have lost? Most of the necklaces lose their values because the loss of the jewel; because it has fallen, it has broken, it did not fit well, because we sleep or shower with them on when playing sports. Many girls also lose them when doing exercise. Here are some secrets from a wholesale silver necklace seller to avoid losing those jewels and if you have already lost them and want to continue using those necklaces that you like so much, we tell you how you can replace them.

Wholesale silver necklace vendor’s tip to replace the lost jewel

One option to replace the lost jewels of your necklaces is to put some silicone bumpers. A cheap remedy that can be obtained in haberdashery, jewelers, or hardware stores, will fit correctly to your necklace and prevent them from causing pain.


A secret that only experts like wholesale silver necklace sellers know

Some necklaces already come with this instrument in front of the jewel, most people remove it thinking that it’s just a mere protector that has been put in the store; however, it is actually a second jewel to use in a case like this. Another trick like this is to use cork rings that can be easily made homemade to place as a second layer once the jewel is put on.

A way to cope with your activity as recommend by wholesale silver necklace sellers

For super active girls, who are in continuous movement and are more susceptible to losing their necklaces, we can put a pinch of glue. When we want to change necklaces, it is straightforward to remove this material if we use acetone with cotton.

You can provisionally use a piece of eraser punctured on the necklace to prevent it from falling and losing it until you get home and you can put on another jewel. If we have other types of necklaces that do not close with jewels, we can change the closure for another if they give us problems.


Alternatively, as a last resort, buying high-quality Wholesale Silver Jewelry from a trusted vendor can save you a lot of significant headaches. Buying wholesale silver necklace often gives you some discount, and if you buy it from reputable place, the quality is going to be great!

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